How Styling Works2017-09-28T11:08:35+00:00


Step 1. Appointment Booking.

We’ll meet you and inspect your property. We’ll talk to you to find out what you need and how you want it. We really need to understand your goals and target audience.

Step 2. We’ll send a proposal.

Soon after our meeting, we’ll send you an email proposal outlining what we are suggesting and some examples of styles we think might work. All you have to do then is accept the proposal.

Step 3. Confirm your booking.

We’ll call you to arrange a booking so we can come and stage your property for sale. We want to make sure it’s within your time frame and make sure our photographer can be in to take the photos.

Step 4. Installation of the property dressing.

We’ll come in and install every piece of furniture and decorate the property. You won’t be able to recognise it at the end but you will be amazed at the result.

Step 5. Removal of the installation.

Once your property is sole or the contract period has expired, we’ll need access one more time to come and remove all the items that have helped you achieve your goals.